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Warmly celebrate the "Fujian An Baoquan alarm network limited company" was established
Manager: SHIKE    Time:2013-3-12 11:31:20    View:4313
Warmly celebrate the "Fujian An Baoquan Alarm Network Limited" was formally established, marketization, socialization, scale and networking efforts to promote the monitoring alarm service, convened by the Quanzhou Security Association many powerful enterprises to set up a "alarm monitoring operation of Service Corporation", to provide monitoring and alarm equipment design, site the installation and construction services, monitoring alarm system maintenance work, check the user alarm disposal integrated security service for users. In this process, the progress of technology, perfect management, continue to enhance the safety and prevention effect, actively building a peaceful, harmonious social environment; give full play to the government policy of macro-control function, the alarm service for the construction of government and enterprise cooperation bridge, CO cultivation of security market.

Our company specialized in providing equipment and technical support, provides valuable experience for the company in the networking alarm service industry, welcomed the alarm network operators to visit the guide, exchange.

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The image of the company 

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